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Welcome To Tummy Yums

" Healthy snacking doesn’t have to be boring the future of snacking is not simply a quest for healthier food, but also delicious and convenient products "

My main motivation to let go of my full-time corporate job & get into this industry is my love for food & the fact that I paid heavily for all my indulgences. Having spent a lot of my working years in corporate, I realized that availability 24X7 is a must & your day starts when you open your eyes & goes on till you decide to call it a day. In a scenario like this, eating healthy is the last thing that comes to your mind, convenience & availability is all that matters. The other drawback of healthy eating that I thought kept me away was limited options at a higher price. Lack of variety & high cost was one of the main reasons I came out of the corporate job heavier (15 KGs) than I entered in. Healthy snacking stuck to my mind from then on... & I spent a good amount of time researching & figuring out the possibility of bringing health, taste variety & price for everyone & that was the beginning of my journey & tummyyums came into origin.